Tesla Model 3 (2017-2022) DRL BOARDS - INSTALLATION GUIDE

Tesla Model 3 (2017-2022) DRL BOARDS - INSTALLATION GUIDE

How To Install RGB+W DRL Boards On Your Tesla Model 3

Welcome to our step-by-step tutorial on enhancing your Tesla Model 3's appearance with DRL (Daytime Running Light) boards. Follow these detailed instructions to achieve a professional installation and elevate the style of your vehicle.

RGB+W DRL Boards

Our DRL boards are aftermarket accessories designed to replace the factory-installed DRL boards in your Tesla Model 3. Improve the aesthetics and customize the color of your daytime running lights with our versatile DRL boards via an easy-to-use smartphone app that offers a wide range of vibrant colors and a pure white tone to suit your personal style.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DRL boards for Tesla Model 3 (ensure compatibility with your specific Model 3)
  • Screwdriver set
  • Socket wrench set
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wire connectors
  • Electrical tape
  • Isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety goggles

Installation Process

Step 1: Preparation
  1. Park your Tesla Model 3 in a well-lit and spacious area. Ensure the vehicle is turned off, and the headlights are switched off.
  2. Put on your safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself during the installation process.
  3. Open the hood of your Tesla Model 3 and secure it using the hood prop.
Step 1 Image
Step 2: Removing the Headlight Assembly
  1. Locate the screws or bolts securing the headlight assembly to the vehicle. These are typically located around the perimeter of the assembly.
  2. Use a suitable screwdriver or socket wrench to carefully remove the screws or bolts, ensuring not to damage them.
  3. Once the screws or bolts are removed, gently pull the headlight assembly forward to detach it from the vehicle. Set aside the assembly in a safe location.
Step 2 Image
Step 3: Removing the Factory DRLs
  1. With the headlight assembly removed, locate the factory-installed DRLs inside the assembly. These are typically positioned near the top edge of the assembly.
  2. Use a screwdriver or socket wrench, depending on the type of screws or bolts securing the DRLs, to carefully remove them. Set aside the screws or bolts for later use.
Step 3 Image
Step 4: Installing the New DRL Boards
  1. Take the DRL boards from the kit and align them with the mounting points previously occupied by the factory DRL boards. Ensure a snug fit.
  2. Secure the boards in place using the screws or bolts that were removed in Step 3. Tighten them firmly but avoid overtightening, as it may damage the DRLs or the headlight assembly.
  3. Double-check the alignment and positioning of the DRL boards to ensure they are level and centered within the headlight assembly.
Step 4 Image
Step 5: Wiring the DRL Boards
  1. Locate the wiring harness included in the DRL kit. It should be labeled for easy identification.
  2. Connect the wiring harness to the DRLs, following the provided wiring diagram. Use wire connectors to ensure secure and reliable connections.
  3. Insulate the wire connections with electrical tape to protect them from moisture and potential short circuits.
  4. Carefully route the wiring harness along the existing wiring in the headlight assembly, ensuring it is neatly organized and away from any moving parts or heat sources.
Step 5 Image
Step 6: Reattaching the Headlight Assembly
  1. Clean the mating surfaces of the headlight assembly and the vehicle body using isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth. This will remove any dirt or residue, ensuring a proper seal.
  2. Align the headlight assembly with the vehicle body, taking note of any alignment markers or guides.
  3. Gently push the headlight assembly back into place until it is fully seated.
  4. Use the screws or bolts removed in Step 2 to secure the headlight assembly to the vehicle. Tighten them firmly but avoid overtightening.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-6 for the other headlight assembly, if applicable.
Step 6 Image
Step 7: Testing and Finalizing
  1. Inspect the installation to ensure the DRL boards are securely attached, and the headlight assemblies are properly sealed.
  2. Reconnect the battery of your Tesla Model 3 and turn on the headlights to test the functionality of the DRLs. Verify that they illuminate and cycle through the desired colors according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Adjust the color settings and customization options as per your preference, if applicable.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the installation and functionality, clean the headlights and surrounding areas using isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth. This will remove any residue or smudges, leaving a pristine finish.
Step 7 Image


Congratulations! You have successfully installed the new DRL boards on your Tesla Model 3 headlights. By following this comprehensive guide, you've transformed the look of your vehicle and added a touch of personalization.

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 today and enjoy the new eye-catching DRLs that will set you apart on the road. Drive with style, and let your personality shine through the vibrant colors of your new headlights!


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