BMW M3 & M4 (F80) DRL Boards - Installation Guide

BMW M3 & M4 (F80) DRL Boards - Installation Guide

Upgrade Your BMW F80 M3 or F82 M4 with LED DRL Boards

Welcome to our installation guide on upgrading your BMW F80 M3 or F82 M4 with LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) boards. At DrlsDirect, we specialize in providing high-quality automotive lighting solutions that elevate the style and individuality of your vehicle. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing our LED DRL boards, designed to make your BMW F80 M3 or F82 M4 stand out from the crowd.

Elevate Your Style With LED DRL Boards

Our DRL boards offer a distinctive and vibrant illumination for the BMW 3 Series F80 M3 and F82 M4, allowing your vehicle to shine on the road. With options like CSL-Yellow, Red, or RGB, you can personalize your vehicle's lighting to reflect your style.

Necessary Tools And Materials

  • T20 screwdriver
  • Microfiber cloth or shop towel
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Razor blade
  • 400-grit sandpaper (optional)

Installation Steps

Step 1: Detaching The Original DRL Modules
  • Locate the DRL modules on top of your ICON headlights, secured with three T20 screws.
  • Carefully remove the two screws anchoring each module using a T20 screwdriver, taking care not to apply excessive force to the sensitive plastic housing.
  • Lift the modules upwards and slightly angle them to disconnect, mindful of the short wiring. Reference provided images for visual guidance.
  • Protect the exposed headlight openings with a clean microfiber cloth or shop towel to prevent debris entry.
Detaching Original DRL Modules
Step 2: Disconnecting The Boards From The Heat Sink
  • Transfer the module to a stable workspace or workbench.
  • Identify the factory-applied thermal glue between the heat sink and LED board.
  • Insert a utility blade between the heat sink and board, gently tapping with a hammer to separate them. Proceed with caution to avoid bending the blade or damaging the aluminum.
  • This careful process ensures the LED boards can be removed safely, allowing the option to revert to the original DRL setup.
Disconnecting Boards From Heat Sink
Step 3: Cleaning The Heat Sink And Preparing For Installation
  • Remove any remaining thermal glue from the heat sink using isopropyl alcohol and a razor blade, scraping gently to avoid damage.
  • Eliminate loose thermal glue particles and clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol for a pristine adhesive surface.
  • Optionally, enhance the thermal glue's adhesion by lightly sanding the heat sink's surface with 400-grit sandpaper before cleaning.
Cleaning Heat Sink
Step 4: Installing The New Boards
  • Prepare the LED boards, noting the correct orientation for each side.
  • Align and place each board on the heat sink, ensuring correct positioning relative to the headlight's design.
Installing The New Boards
Step 5: Reassembling The Modules
  • Reconnect the boards to their plugs and carefully reinsert the modules into the headlights.
  • Secure the modules with the T20 Torx screws, ensuring a snug fit without over-tightening.
  • Admire the aesthetic upgrade provided by your new DRL boards, significantly enhancing your BMW's appearance.
Reassembling The Modules

Installing The RGB+W Version Of DRL Boards

For those interested in the RGB+W version, follow the initial steps for installing the boards, then connect the harness to a switched power source, manage the wiring, and control the system via a dedicated app.

Step 1: Installing The RGB+W Boards

Follow the initial steps applicable to the single color version for installing the RGB+W boards. Manage the additional wiring that comes with these boards.

Step 2: Connecting To Switched Power

Connect the harness and Bluetooth module to a switched power source, found in the engine bay's fuse box or alternatively, run a wire to the trunk for a clean setup without modifying the fuse box cover.

Step 3: Managing The Harness And RGB+W Controller

Extend the wiring harness from the LED boards to the RGB+W controller. Use the QR code on the controller to download the app for RGB control.

Step 4: Managing The Wiring

Ensure the wiring is neatly arranged and secured between the headlight housing and the foam gasket of the heat sink, preventing water ingress while avoiding pressure that could damage the wires.

Consider the extra steps and wiring management required for the RGB+W boards. This version offers vibrant, dynamic lighting that can be customized to suit your style, adding a unique and fun aspect to your vehicle's appearance.

Enjoy The Enhanced Appearance

At DrlsDirect, we aim to provide high-quality products and detailed guides to enhance your vehicle's aesthetics and driving experience. Enjoy your BMW's upgraded appearance with our LED DRL boards.


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