BMW 5 Series G30/M5 F90 DRL Boards - Installation Guide


How To Install DRL Boards On Your 5 Series/M5

This guide details the installation of new DRL boards for the 5 Series G30 or M5 F90, offering a distinctive upgrade that blends style with sophistication. Available in CSL-Yellow, Red, Blue, and the customizable RGB+W variant, our DRL Boards are designed for a perfect fit, leveraging OEM data for seamless integration. The RGB+W option features a Bluetooth-connected controller for color customization through a simple app, accessible by scanning the QR code on the controller. Elevate the look of your vehicle with precision-crafted lighting solutions.


For enthusiasts with basic automotive knowledge, the installation is straightforward and manageable within the comfort of your home garage. We've crafted our products and instructions to make this process as clear and simple as possible. However, should you encounter any uncertainty or difficulty with a specific step, we recommend consulting a professional to ensure the installation is completed safely and correctly. Remember, safety is paramount, so please make sure to disconnect the vehicle's battery before beginning the installation process.

Step 1: Preparation And Removal Of Front Bumper

To access the DRLs, the first step involves removing the front bumper. Begin by lifting the car to ensure you have enough clearance to work comfortably. Proceed by removing all plastic pieces and components located at the front of the car, including detaching the grills and other essential parts. Next, remove the wheels to access the fender liner; then, proceed to remove the screws holding the fender liner in place and carefully pull out the liner. Ensure to repeat this process on the opposite side of the car. Gently pull away the front bumper from both sides, taking care to avoid any damage.

Front Bumper Removal
Step 2: Accessing And Removing The Headlights

With the front bumper removed, the next step is to remove the headlights. Locate the four major T30 screws that secure the headlights in place. You may need to remove the plastic cowl for better access. Identify and carefully remove the two screws located on top and the two behind the headlights. Gently pull the headlights towards you, holding them from the sides, and then disconnect the plug located behind each headlight. Set the headlights aside in a safe location.

Headlight Removal
Step 3: Installing The New DRL Boards

With the headlights removed, you can now install the new DRL boards. First, locate the heat sink module attached to the bottom of the headlight assembly. Use a T20 screwdriver to remove the screw holding this module in place. Disconnect the white clip that secures the module by using a pick tool. Replace the existing DRL boards with the DRL boards and secure the module back in place with the T20 screw. Repeat this module swapping process for the other headlight.

DRL Board Installation
Step 4: Reassembling The Car

After installing the new DRL boards, it's time to reassemble the car. Begin by reattaching the headlights to their original positions and reconnecting the plugs. Secure the headlights by tightening the four T30 screws: two on top and two behind. Reinstall the plastic cowl and secure it with the T20 screws. Carefully place the front bumper back onto the car, ensuring all connectors are properly aligned. Reinstall the plastic fasteners and bolts to secure the front bumper firmly. If you had to reposition a front lip, ensure it is also securely reattached. Double-check that everything is properly secured and aligned before proceeding to the next step.

Car Reassembly
Step 5: Enjoy The Stunning Look

Congratulations on installing the new DRL boards! The unique yellow DRLs for example, will give your F90 5 series/M5 a distinct appearance, mirroring the iconic M5 CS and M4 CSL.

Completed Installation

Installing The RGB+W DRL Boards

If you're intrigued by the prospect of adding a vibrant twist to your car, the RGB+W version of our DRL boards offers a full customizable lighting experience. The installation process involves additional steps for managing extra wiring, and the control of these lights is through an app, allowing activation when the car is on or off.

Step 1: Installing The RGB+W Boards

The initial steps for installing the RGB+W boards mirror those for the single color version, with additional wiring to manage thereafter.

Step 2: Connecting To Switched Power

Connect the harness and Bluetooth module to a switched power source in the engine bay or run a wire to the trunk for a cleaner setup.

Step 3: Managing The Harness And RGB+W Controller

Extend the wiring harness from the LED boards to the RGB+W controller. A QR code on the controller links to the app needed for RGB control.

Step 4: Managing The Wiring

Follow the icluded wiring instruction and ensure the wiring is properly arranged and secured, preventing water ingress while avoiding undue pressure on the wires.

Wiring Instructions for RGB DRL Boards

**Important:** Disconnect the vehicle's battery before installation to avoid a short circuit.


  1. Identify the wires:
    • Red: Permanent power (battery)
    • Black: Ground (chassis)
    • White: Ignition power (ACC)
    • Yellow: Turn signal (optional)
    • 4-pin connector: Connection to the RGB controller
  2. Connect the power supply:
    • Connect the red wire to the battery's permanent power terminal.
    • Connect the black wire to a ground point on the chassis.
    • Connect the white wire to the ignition power terminal (ACC).
  3. Connect the RGB controller:

    Connect the 4-pin connector on the DRL board to the RGB controller.

  4. Connect the optional functions:

    Turn signal: Connect the yellow wire to the turn signal connector on your vehicle. This allows for dynamic adjustment of the DRL lighting when turning.

  5. Check and connect the battery:
    • Check all connections for proper fit and insulation.
    • Reconnect the vehicle's battery.


  • The exact connections for ignition power and turn signals may vary depending on the vehicle model. If in doubt, consult your vehicle's wiring diagram.
  • Make sure all cable connections are secure and protected from water.
  • Use cable ties or electrical tape to secure the cables if necessary.
  • Installation should be performed by a qualified person if you are unsure.

Additional Information:

The RGB DRL boards have an integrated controller that allows you to control the colors and modes of the lighting using a smartphone app. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.


Installing new DRL boards on an F90 5 series/M5 is a rewarding project that elevates your vehicle’s aesthetic. While the task demands precision, the visual payoff is immense. For any uncertainties, consulting with professionals is advised to ensure safety and success.

Thank you for trusting DRLsDirect for your automotive lighting needs. We're committed to delivering quality products and insightful guides to enhance your driving experience. Stay tuned for more tutorials and feel free to share your installation journey and feedback.


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