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Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are more than just a visual enhancement to a vehicle; they are a symbol of safety, innovation, and personal expression. As automotive customization continues to evolve, DRLs have become a focal point for car enthusiasts. Here's an in-depth look at DRLs, why you might consider changing them, how to install them, and the unique offerings from Our DRL boards.

Understanding DRLs

Understanding DRLs

DRLs are low-intensity lights located at the front of a vehicle. Designed to improve visibility during daylight hours, they have become a standard feature in modern cars. Beyond safety, DRLs offer an aesthetic appeal, allowing drivers to make a statement with their vehicle's appearance.

Why Change Your DRLs?

Why Change Your DRLs?

  • Customization: Our DRL boards are a gateway to personal expression. From sleek single colors to mesmerizing RGB+W multicolor transformations, the creative possibilities are boundless.
  • Performance: Our DRL boards offer superior brightness and energy efficiency, marrying aesthetics with responsibility.
  • Technology: With our app-controlled RGB+W boards, you hold the power to redefine your car's appearance, right at your fingertips.
How to Install DRL Boards?

How to Install DRL Boards?

The installation option depends on the make, model, and headlight design of your vehicle. In each of our product descriptions is stored which option is required, there are basically two options for replacing the LED daytime running light boards.

There are two main approaches to replacing LED daytime running light boards, depending on your headlights.

  • Option 1: Easy Access DRL Module: If you can easily access the heatsink (DRL module) where the boards are mounted, replacing them is a straightforward process.
  • Option 2: Disassembled Headlights: If there's no accessible DRL module, the headlights will need to be disassembled. This is a more challenging process that involves separating the lens from the housing to reach the DRL boards, which may be strips in this case.

Option 1: Easy Access

This method applies to a wide range of modern vehicles. It's considered a "simple replacement" when the heatsink module (where the DRL boards are located) on the headlight is readily accessible without needing to disassemble the entire headlight unit. Due to this easy access, the process is generally straightforward. In most cases, you only need to open the hood to reach and remove the heatsink module. However, it's important to note that some vehicles may require additional steps. In these cases, you might need to remove the bumper or tires to fully access the heatsink module. While this adds complexity, it's still a process that can often be tackled without professional assistance, although some mechanical aptitude is helpful.

Option 2: Complete Headlight Opening

This method requires a more skilled hand or a professional, as it involves completely removing the headlight. The most challenging part is separating the lens from the housing to replace the DRL boards or stripes. The headlight must then be glued back together and reassembled. While it's possible to handle this installation on your own if you're confident in your skills, we highly recommend seeking professional assistance to ensure a perfect and safe fit.

To get the RGB+W version up and running, you'll need to connect the RGB controller, ground it properly, and make sure it's connected to the fuse box.

We Offer A Car Enthusiast's Dream

A Car Enthusiast's Dream

At Drls Direct, we don't just sell products; we offer experiences. Our offerings are a celebration of automotive artistry:

  • Singlecolor DRL Boards: Choose a color that resonates with your soul, and let your car reflect your spirit.
  • RGB+W Multicolor Boards (App Controlled): Unleash your creativity with dynamic multicolor boards, controlled by an app that puts the power of transformation in your hands.
Join the Revolution

Join the Revolution

DRLs are more than lights; they are a passion, a statement, and a way to connect with your car like never before. Whether you're a seasoned car enthusiast or just beginning your customization journey, Drls Direct is here to fuel your passion.

From detailed installation guides to unique single-color and RGB+W multicolor boards, we invite you to explore, experiment, and express yourself. Join us at Drls Direct, where we're not just changing lights; we're driving the future of automotive customization.

For more information on our products, installation methods, and how we can help you transform your vehicle, please contact our dedicated team of experts.