BMW 2 Series/M2 DRL LED Boards - Installation Guide

BMW 2 Series/M2 DRL LED Boards - Installation Guide

At DrlsDirect, we understand the passion and pride that comes with owning a BMW 2 Series or even a M2. That's why we're excited to bring you this comprehensive guide on how to upgrade your BMW 2 Series/M2 to CSL style DRLs. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to achieve that stunning yellow halo effect seen on the G82 CSL and F90 M5 CS models. So, let's dive in and transform the look of your car!


The Easiest Upgrade for Your BMW 2 Series/M2

If you've been dreaming of giving your BMW 2 Series/M2 a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, upgrading the Halos is the perfect solution. And the best part? It's a quick and straightforward upgrade that you can do yourself! In this guide, we'll walk you through the entire installation process, ensuring that you have all the information you need to successfully complete the project.


Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before we begin, let's make sure you have everything you need for a successful installation. Here's a list of tools and materials you'll require:

  1. T20 Torx screwdriver or 5mm Allen key (depending on your car's specifications)
  2. Knife or blade
  3. Double-sided adhesive tape (preferably thermal glue)
  4. Clean cloth or alcohol wipes for cleaning
  5. Replacement circuit boards, choose in our shop between Lemon-Yellow, Red, Blue or even a RGB option. (make sure to order the correct boards for your car model)

Make also sure to have these items readily available before starting the installation.


Step 1: Prepare Your BMW for the Upgrade

1.1 Start by locating the heat sink module of your BMW2 Series/M2. Depending on your specific model, it may be secured with either T20 screws or 5mm Allen bolts.

1.2 Remove all three screws or bolts, taking care not to misplace them. Gently lift the cover to reveal the circuit boards.

1.3 On either side of the circuit boards, you'll find pinch release cables. Pinch and release these cables to disconnect the circuit boards.


Step 2: Removing the Old Circuit Boards

2.1 Carefully detach the old circuit boards from the frames. The boards are held in place with glue, so it's important to exercise caution during this process.

2.2 To remove the circuit boards, insert the blade of a knife between the board and the frame. Slowly and carefully work your way around, gradually separating the board from the glue.

2.3 Take extra care not to damage the circuit boards, as you may need to re-install them in the future.


Step 3: Installing the New Circuit Boards

3.1 Clean off any residual glue from the frames using a clean cloth or alcohol wipes. Ensure the frames are free from debris and thoroughly dry.

3.2 Apply the thermal glue to the bottom of the new circuit boards.

3.3 Carefully match the orientation of the new circuit boards to the original ones. Pay attention to the plug and LED orientation.

3.4 Align the new circuit boards with the frames, ensuring they fit snugly. Press the boards firmly onto the frames, taking care not to touch the LEDs.

Note: Be sure to allow the thermal adhesive to dry before reapplying and testing. To ensure the best results, it is advisable to consult the product's instructions or manufacturer's recommendations for the specific drying and curing times.


Step 4: Reinstalling and Testing the DRLs

4.1 Gently slide the assembly back into place, making sure it aligns correctly. Secure it by reinserting and tightening the screws or bolts.

4.2 Connect the pinch release cables back to the circuit boards on both sides, ensuring a secure connection.

4.3 Test the newly installed DRLs by starting your BMW 2 Series/M2. Check if both sides light up with the vibrant yellow glow. If everything looks perfect, proceed to the next step.


Step 5: Finalizing the Installation

5.1 Clean up your work area and securely store any tools or materials you used during the installation.

5.2 Admire the stunning transformation of your BMW 2 Series/M2 with the new  DRL LED boards. Take a moment to appreciate the unique touch of individuality you've added to your car.


Enjoy the DRL Upgrade

Congratulations! You've successfully upgraded your BMW 2 Series/M2 to CSL style DRLs. By following our step-by-step guide, you've achieved a professional-grade installation that enhances the appearance of your car. Now, whenever you drive, your BMW F Series will turn heads with its striking yellow Halos.

At DrlsDirect, we're passionate about providing BMW enthusiasts like you with the resources and guidance to personalize and optimize your driving experience. Stay tuned for more exciting DIY projects and product recommendations to take your BMW 2 Series/M2 to new heights.


Installing The RGB+W Version Of DRL Boards

If you're intrigued by the prospect of adding a vibrant twist to your BMW, you might consider installing the RGB+W version of the DRL boards. However, keep in mind that the RGB+W version may not be as bright as the OEM, and the installation process includes a few more steps due to extra wiring. Also, remember that this RGB+W version's control doesn't rely on the in-car switch but is managed through an app, and it activates when the car is on or off, not with your welcome lights. 



Step 1: Installing The RGB Boards

The initial steps for installing the RGB boards are the same as those for the single color (lemon-yellow version). Once you've successfully installed the boards, you'll find there are extra wires to manage.


Step 2: Connecting To Switched Power

Next, you'll need to connect the harness and Bluetooth module to a switched power source. There's a switched power source available in the engine bay fuse box on the passenger side. However, using an add-a-fuse here won't allow you to replace the fuse box cover. If you're unwilling to leave the cover off or cut it, an alternative option is to run a positive wire to the trunk and use a switched power source from there.


Step 3: Managing The Harness And RGB Controller

Run the wiring harness from the boards to the RGB controller. The controller features a QR code on its back for you to download the required app to manage the RGB+W control.


Step 4: Managing The Wiring

The wire from the RGB+W boards gets pinched between the headlight housing and the foam gasket of the heat sink. This doesn't exert too much pressure and the foam gasket seals around the wiring to prevent water ingress.

As you go through this process, keep in mind the considerations mentioned above, as these will help you decide whether or not the RGB+W version is a good fit for you. Despite the extra steps and considerations, if you're an RGB person, this addition can add a fun and vibrant touch to your BMW.



With these steps, you can successfully upgrade your BMW with our top-notch DRL boards. At DRLsDirect, we believe in empowering our customers to personalize their driving experience, one light at a time. Stay tuned to our blog for more insightful guides and tips on enhancing your vehicle's lighting. Happy driving!


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